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'Sharing my love of the underwater world'

This website is a tool for me to be able to share my underwater life to the public (you). This page is just to give you a little insight into me. I went to University in Exeter, England and studied Media Arts. After 3 years I earned a 2:1 BA Hons Degree. I had a taste and love for photography but I didn't pursue it straight away. With various other corporate jobs and saving a bit of money, I started to travel. I soon entered the world of scuba diving in May 2007 and I was hooked. Straight away I wanted to shoot and capture everything I was seeing underwater. So, I continued my training and went all the way to PADI scuba instructor so I could teach others and share my passion of photography. 

With underwater photography, I am self taught but learning every day by experimenting with new techniques and subject matters. I love searching for the small little critters and perfecting my macro shots but of course, I never get tired of shooting turtles and the bigger animals cruising by. I hope you enjoy all that I share. You can contact me online either via facebook under Alexandra HB's photos or email.  Press on the envelope or FB icon below. Enjoy!